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Panoleh is now known as Panopedia

Why the change?Panoleh has been around for almost 3 years. Yes, it is that long! With your help and support, we have now expanded to markets beyond our shores of Singapore.To further facilitate our brand, and to expand your reach even further, we have decided to rename ourselves to Panopedia.Why Panopedia, you might ask. All thanks to you, we are the fastest growing and now one of the largest database of 360 Virtual Tours in the world! Of course, with such a large database at our disposal, we will be launching new features and even a new Panotour Builder that will help you showcase your portfolio better. After all, our vision has always been to expand your reach beyond our shores.What are the changes?Besides the change of the logo throughout the entire site, you will notice that the logos on emails such as this, are changed as well. Please also note that emails from us will now be from instead of However, should you receive any email from, do contact your friendly account manager for verification, or you may just reply this message.URLs will also be changed from to However, this URL change will not affect your embedded Panotours, as the domain name still and always belong to us.Our social media pages will be merged soon, but I will send you an update once that happens.How will this affect me?The rebranding exercise was intended to be minimally disruptive, and hence your Panotours and subscriptions will not be affected in any way. However, should you encounter any errors arising, or any issues whatsoever, please inform your friendly account manager for rectification.Take notePanoleh and Panopedia are brand names wholly owned by Clover & Dime Pte Ltd., Singapore. Any and all related domains from other countries, are owned by Clover & Dime Pte Ltd, but may be under the management of our subsidiary offices in the relevant country.For verification, please contact us should you have any doubts.

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5 Reasons why home buyers prefer 360 tours

Looking for a suitable home to lease or buy can be daunting and time-consuming, more so if the decision makers are more than one. You could be speaking to more than one real estate agent or agencies and spending more time than you feel necessary accompanying them on tours of homes available. Home buying is, without a doubt, an extremely important decision and an important milestone for every Singaporean or foreigner.The alternative is to opt for an agency that could show you photographs or videos of homes that you may like to lease or buy. These are agencies that do not use 360 tours and hence are unable to provide the deeper details. Did you know it is far easier to look at multiple homes, in greater detail, without moving an inch or wasting time to make a better-informed decision? This is one of the primary reasons why many home buyers prefer to engage real estate agents who use 360 tours as a preferred listing tool while choosing a home.1. The authenticity of listing: All listings using 360 tours produced by a real estate agent are most likely to be genuine and listed in the market. “Dummy” advertisements are definitely one of the main frustrations of home seekers. Using 360 tours listing, you will only find homes that are available at the time of checking.2. More interactive and captivating: While choosing a home, it is obvious that you would want to check out every nook and corner. A 360 tours listing showcases 3D views of homes that cover every corner with an option to turn the views and angles to get a better glimpse. Added to this interactive feature, you will find every detail captured in full detail making the entire experience captivating.3. More informative and transparent: All available information on a home is captured with 360 tours on an as-is-where-is scenario and is displayed as such. This ensures that you do not miss any detail, good or bad and makes the entire process transparent. 360 tours is an unbiased presentation tool that focuses on showing you a home as it is and is not in a “sell” mode by harping on the positives or ignoring the negatives.4. Easily accessible: Using 360 tours, you can access any available home thus saving your time and energy to focus on properties that are located in areas of your choosing, you can do this in the company of your real estate agents or right from the comfort of your bedroom.5. Saves time and improves the shortlisting process: Once you have the option of touring all properties in detail from the comfort of your present home/ office, along with all stakeholders or family, the next step is to shortlist the properties you are interested in before you make a decision. Choosing the right property becomes that much more transparent and faster with 360 tour listings.Taking into account the advantages of saving time, energy and resources in the process of buying or leasing a home, 360 tours goes a long way in helping you with detailed, transparent and high-quality tours of homes available in your area of choosing. It is no surprise then; most home buyers prefer using 360 tours. If you are looking forward to buying or leasing a home, now or in the near future, you should talk to real estate professionals who use 360 tours to showcase their listings.

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5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Use 360 Tours

Ever heard of virtual reality? For a real estate agent, virtual reality could be a boon if he or she can showcase a property or a bunch of properties without moving an inch. Taking a client around to find a commercial or residential property that suits his/her taste and budget is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of leg work, time, money and energy to find the piece of property that the client has in mind. As a real estate agent, taking the customer or client on a 3D virtual reality tour instead of a physical one is much easier and has its own merits. 360 tours offers cutting-edge services in this realm and is a boon for real estate agents like you.  1. Saves time: As a real estate agent, your time is very valuable to you and we understand that a property cannot be sold or leased by showing it to a single customer. It could take ten or even twenty customers or clients before you can nail the deal. So, time is of the essence and 360 tours will help you save time by capturing and rendering each and every aspect of the property in the discussion at any time. 2. Increases productivity: It could take weeks or even months before a property could be sold or leased and as a real estate agent, you will not be focusing on a single property. With 360 tours, you can show all available or chosen properties to your customers or clients at one go. Instead of running around, you can now focus on your core competency of finding more clients which translates to increased productivity.3. Wow factor/lasting impression: In this era of gadgets, technology and the internet, what impresses a client most? Leveraging technology to save their time and money can be a great factor in influencing their decision. The wow factor that 360 tours offers you as a real estate agent is simply wonderful. In fact, a client will bring in more clients owing to this lasting impression you have created.4. 24 Hr open house: In the real world, as a real estate agent, you are a slave to the client’s calendar and will need to make adjustments to accommodate their free time. Instead, if you have an opportunity to showcase all properties at anytime and anywhere, would that be beneficial? Yes, it will save time and resources for you as well as the client. In fact, you could be showcasing a property in Singapore to a prospect while on a holiday in Bangkok.5. Generate more quality leads: What is a quality lead? For you as a real estate agent, a quality lead is a lead with a requirement for a leased or owned property and has a budget ready. While using 360 tours, saving money and resources for both parties, who do you think an existing customer will recommend? Another client who is ready to buy or lease! That is a quality lead. So by using 360 tours, you will be generating leads that qualify to buy and will not be wasting time with clients who want to visit properties for the heck of it because you are not taking them anywhere.

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Doing virtual tour with pictures taken from your phone

Do you know that now you don't need a 360camera to do a virtual tour. You can take a panoramic photo with your phone by simply using the cardboard camera app and its a simple and easy process. Previously to build a virtual tour, you would need to invest in a 360camera ranging from $200 to thousand of dollars to take photos that gives you panoramic images. Panoleh is working with google to remove all compatibility issue so you can now use the standardize cardboard camera app by google to take panoramic photos suitable for creating virtual tour on our platform. You can also view our tutorial video on how to create a virtual tour with your phone by going to this link To get started, all you require is a simple monopod with a mobile phone holder. Any monopod is acceptable as long as the height of it is above your waist level. This is important for the angles so that it will gives your buyer a eye point of view after the virtual tour is created. Next you would need go to your apple app store or playstore to download the free cardboard app by google. You will require this app to take perfectly stitch photo everytime. 1) To begin taking panoramic photo with your phone,attached your phone to the mobile phone holder with the monopod. Open the app and select the orange camera logo to start shooting 2) Position yourself in the middle of the room and follow the instructions from the phone by turning around in a 360 circular motion. 3) That's it. Its as simple as that and you can go back to your app and check on your images to ensure its well stitched up. After that you can upload these images onto our panoleh platform and start creating your virtual tour. Below we have a comparison virtual tour where you can compare the difference. If you are viewing this on your phone, its best to tilt your phone and view it on landscape mode for the best experienceNext click on the image below to see the virtual tour done by a 360camera As you can see from the above comparison, the quality taken by phone is certainly good enough due to how advance phone cameras are these days. If you are still considering or deciding which 360camera to buy, why not consider buying a monopod and try taking with your mobile first. Don't forget to check out our video tutorial on this if you have initially missed it by clicking on the link here .

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Lasting Impression

This morning (21 April 17, 10am), a Panoleh subscriber (Mr Tan) was sharing with me how he utilize Virtual Tour which I think is very smart. Mr Tan is a Real Estate agent in Singapore who focus on resale market, he will have situations when he has a very nice unit in a good location that will have many enquiries to a point that he is not able to handle, he will also have situations when the unit is not nice and the location is unattractive that he will not receive much enquiries. For the former situation, Mr Tan will send the Virtual Tour to the interested buyers to view the house remotely and most of the time when any interested buyer asked to meet, the transaction will be closed. It is a very efficient process and very effective result that Mr Tan can better utilize his time on other priorities. As for the latter situation, Mr Tan will market the unit in property portal with Virtual Tour. Base on Mr Tan’s experience, he told me that he will receives about three times more enquiry calls when he marketed units using Virtual Tour compare to units he marketed without Virtual Tour. The marketing term for this is called “Improve Marketing through visualisation”, I have shared this in my past article. In this article, we will discuss about one of the impact Virtual Tours have on potential buyers, which is creating Lasting Impression.Why Lasting Impression is Important when Marketing a Property?Do you want to leave a lasting impression to your prospects on the property you are marketing? If yes, why? We humans generally make decisions by information through our senses transmitted to our brain. For Virtual Tour, it affects the sense of sight (ophthalmoception). We will not make decision to buy a property by the smell of it, by the sound of it (property don’t create sound), by the touch of it, by the taste of it. Therefore, the only way to impress a buyer or creating a lasting impression by their senses is by visualisation. When you make bookings for rooms for your vacation, after you have filtered the price and location, what is the decision factor to book which hotel/room to stay (assuming the review score is same)? Most of the time, the hotel/room which have nicer pictures will get your business. Putting this example into property marketing, it does the same, property buyers including myself have too many choices in the property portal even after filtering, most of the time, we will shortlist the listings that provide a lot of information and more importantly, nice images because it leaves me with good impression of the house and the effort of the agent. My definition of nice images doesn’t really means how nice the house look in those images, more importantly, the images needs to give me a good idea about the layout, the size, the height and the proportion of the property so that I can imagine how I want to renovate the house and what type of furniture I will get if I buy the house.The last thing any marketer want is a buyer see their advert and then forget about it the next moment, or worse, don’t bother to see the advert even when it is just right in front of the buyer’s sight. One of the main reason this happens is because the advert is not attractive enough and it couldn’t catch the eyes of the buyers. If a marketer couldn’t even give a good first impression to a buyer, they can forget about giving a lasting impression to the buyer. Therefore, impression is very important in any form of marketing. First impression attract your buyer’s attention to see your advert/posting/listing. Leaving a lasting impression to your buyer will make them keep coming back for new updates and also higher chance of them sharing the news with their friends. How to Create Lasting Impression?To create lasting impression, we must first know how to create a good first impression. Very seldom do we have situations when we do not have a good first impression on certain things and then it created a lasting impression on us. I remember going to a coffee shop with a friend last month and he ordered a plate of fried noodle. When the fried noodle was served, it give me quite a bad impression as it looked dried and burnt. However, my friend keep recommending me that I must try so I reluctantly took a small portion to try. The taste of the fried noodle was so fantastic that I ordered a second plate and the following week, I went back to that same coffee shop for the fried noodle. Now, I will go to that coffee shop once every week for the fried noodle. From this personal experience, we learn that lasting impression can be very powerful and it can be very “addictive”. The visual of the fried noodle failed to impress me but the taste of it did create a lasting impression. When marketing a property, like I have mentioned earlier, there is no way to impress a buyer’s senses other than visual. Since visualization is the only senses we can impress a buyer, first impression is therefore very important in order to have lasting impression. One of a very good way to impress buyers to your listing is to show good images, feature beautiful images, put a short yet eye capturing title to your listing. Like marketer, real estate agents will want their listings to be read and seen by the potential buyers instead of skipping it like a junk message. As a property looker, once we click into a listing, we will stay on a listing to see all the information and images provided repeatedly if they are comprehensive.Having Virtual Tour will be even more impressive because with it, potential buyers can relate the Virtual Tour with all the information provided in the listing. It gives us a more pleasure experience looking into the listing and we can visualise the house much easier even without physically being there. Feature good images and eye capturing title on your listing to create good first impression as a hook, provide Virtual Tour and comprehensive information to make that good impression lasting. Doing all the steps might not impress every single person who come across your listing but it will definitely generate far better result on creating lasting impression than putting minimum effort.  

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