17th December 2021, Singapore - Panopedia, one of the world's fastest and easiest to use 360 Virtual Tour (Panotour) builder is launching our Panopedia Token (Symbol: PANO) as a rewards token for our users. Launched in 2016 with more than 11,000 360 Panotours created and more than 90,000 360 Photos uploaded to our system since launch, we are among one of the largest 360 Panotour libraries in the world.

Panotour authors will soon be able to earn PANO tokens from views generated on their Panotours, with data fed from Google Analytics for accuracy. PANO is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) blockchain, with a finite total supply of 50 Billion, and 20% allocated to the rewards pool. For every view a Panotour generates, authors will be rewarded with 10 PANO. For every 50% depletion of the rewards pool, the rewards will be halved, increasing the scarcity of the token supply.

All Panotour users registered with Panopedia are eligible to earn PANO tokens, irregardless of whether they are on a free account or a paid subscription. Free accounts allow users to create up to 3 Panotours with a maximum of 3 scenes each, and paid subscriptions are for increasing the limits to the number they may create.

The PANO token will first be released for private sale, before a public sale commences on swaps and various cryptocurrency exchanges. 1% of total token supply will be allocated to the private sale, and entry is restricted to registered users of Panopedia only. There will be a lock up period of 6 months for tokens purchased during the private sale, to ensure stability in liquidity and price volatility.

The private sale will be available at a lot of 50,000 Tokens at a price of USD $0.01 per token, for a lot price of USD$500. There is no limit tot the number of lots a user may purchase. This is currently scheduled to commence on January/February 2022 for a period of 2 months, and may end earlier if the total allocation is sold out.

The public sale is scheduled for March 2022. Launch of Rewards is currently scheduled for July 2022.

More information on the PANO cryptocurrency token can be found at www.panopedia.com/token.

Whitepaper can be downloaded here.