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Introducing ShowcaseBETA

Showcase is the latest feature by Panopedia to help you promote your Panotours easier! It's like your own personal website, and a searchable portal for you to showcase your beautiful Panotours and Listings.

With your very own site and portal on the world wide web, you can use it to increase your personal image and branding.

Unlike building your own website, we've made it such a way that setting up Showcase is done in less than 5 minutes, just like building a Panotour.

Of course, what good is a personal website if you can't customize it to the way you want? We've built in a whole load of easy to use click-and-save features to help you decide on almost every aspect of your site. Colours scheme, logo, the type of fonts, or even down to the spacing in between each character.

As we are still in the BETA stages, do expect more templates to be available soon! We hope you'll love Showcase as much we do building it.