After creating your beautiful virtual tour, the next important thing is to market your virtual tour and show off to the world and your prospective buyers. In this tutorial, we will show you how to embed your virtual tour onto property listing portals. You can also check out this simple tutorial on our youtube channel by clicking on this link


Step 1 )Go to your panoleh dashboard, click on the edit(pencil) button


Step 2) Copy the embed code 


Step 3) Go to propertyguru listing page under media, select virtual tour and then embed virtual tour 


Step 4) Paste embed code 


Finished. Your beautiful virtual tour will appear under your listing 


Next we will show you how to share your virtual tour onto other property portals that does not have the embedding functions. In the below example, we will be using another popular property portal as example.

Step 1) On Panoleh dashboard, click on the screen button 


Step 2) Copy the url of your virtual tour 

copy url virtual tour panoleh

Step 3) Paste the url under the description of your property listing to inform your buyers that you have a virtual tour that they can click on to view.


Thats it folks. Embedding virtual tour onto property portals to showcase to the world is as simple as taking a walk. You can give it a try now because i know you cant wait to showcase your personally crafted virtual tour to your buyer.