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Belvia - Entrance

Kate Ho


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Main Entrance

Welcome To Belvia - 5-Room DBSS

Living room

Family Bonding area



Outdoor living

Attached balcony maximises brightness and wind circulation in the room

Proposed Dining Area

A spacious area for chilling and dining

Idea - Game room

Game, sleep, or work

Idea - Dress room

Extra room for extra possibility

Room Idea

Your Room, Your Space, Your Comfort
Curtains/ Blinds for Privacy while enjoying the outdoor space

Outdoor living

Attached Balcony - Relax, chill, have a cup of tea
Curtains/ Blinds for Privacy

Corner Dining - Idea

Dine, chill, entertain

Attached balcony - Idea

Chill, rest or work

Room Idea

More than just a study

Room Idea

More than just a bed